Accoyo Alpacas


Accoyo History

Accoyo is the name of a ranch owned and managed by Don Julio Barreda. But it isn’t that simple. Don Julio Barreda redefined the alpaca, elevating Accoyo above the rest. Through his decades of careful genetic selection and his detailed record keeping, he spent generations improving his herd to produce alpacas that were finer, denser, had more crimp, brilliance and bone than any alpaca he had seen previously, thus creating the Accoyo herd.

Originally from Macusani, Peru, the Accoyo’s were first imported to the United States in 1994. Don Julio sent some of his finest animals with the idea that it was a good business move and that the Accoyo line would thrive. He was correct and Accoyo today is a direct result of his efforts and foresight. The Accoyo production charts document a doubling of annual fleece yield per animal since 1946. During the same period, the herd’s average body weight per animal has increased 25%.  An alpaca is considered to be a pure Accoyo if its parents are both pure Accoyos.

Here at KT-Lee, we try and honor the Accoyo tradition. We believe some Accoyo’s have the finest genetics in the world and have geared our breeding program around a few of those renowned alpacas. Our offspring have rewarded us, both in the show ring and in sales, and we will continue to strive for each cria to be better than the one before. So, come take a look and see for yourself the lure of the Accoyo’s at KT-Lee Ranch Alpacas in North Fork, California.

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