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New Buyers

Buy an Alpaca

We remember all too well how overwhelming purchasing your first alpaca can be.   Questions from feeding to fencing, from breeding to birthing, from health care to helping your alpaca thrive, are all swimming around in your head. Which is the right alpaca for me? Where do I start? These and many more questions can make your first alpaca purchase seem like a daunting task, and yet you are excited to get started. It is our goal to make your first purchase an enjoyable and rewarding experience. We want you to be comfortable with your decision when purchasing an alpaca from us. We listen to you and guide you, we answer your questions honestly, and we give you full continued customer support.

We typically have over 100 alpacas on the ranch for you to choose from. We’ll go over the pro’s & cons and customize packages for you. We work WITH you. If you find an alpaca you want and are not in a position to take possession, no problem. We will board until you can. We are negotiable.

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